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Serigrafier av Giuseppe Scaiola

Ingår i Konstsällskapet Våga Ses medlemskap - 750 kr/år

Serigrafierna av Giuseppe Scaiola är en del av Konstsällskapet Våga Ses konstkollektion som innehåller över 150 olika grafiska blad av över 50 konstnärer. Allt originalgrafik, numrerat och signerat av konstnären. Som medlem får du välja ett valfritt verk ur kollektionen.
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Giuseppe Scaiola är född 1951 i Savona, Italien


Albertina Academy of Fine Arts i Turin

Giuseppe Scaiola was born in 1951 in a village in the neighbourhood of Cairo Montenotte, an industrial township in the province of Savona. His father, Mario, was a manual worker and his mother, Maria Rabino, a housewife.

Right from the start Giuseppe’s parents encouraged his artistic leanings. His interest in drawing and painting manifested itself early in life and his parents approved his decision to attend the art college in Savona.

Scaiola’s work reveals a personal bond existing between himself, as an artist, and his roots or origins (predominant themes are Earth, Nature and Work). He was only twenty one years old when having finished his studies at Liceo A. Martini, he took up a teaching post there in 1972, although only briefly, teaching Plastic Arts. While teaching, he enrolled at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin and gained his diploma in 1975. Taking part in the lively contemporary arts scene in Turin, Scaiola was a frequent visitor to Turin’s galleries – above all, the galleries run by Giorgio Persano and Gian Enzo Sperone – and he befriended various artists, among whom Gilberto Zorio.

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