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Yoko Akino

Yoko Akino är född 1967 i Kyoto, Japan.

Yoko Akino was born in Kyoto, Japan, and studied drawing from the age of nine. Having spent four years as a draftsperson in an architect's practice in Tokyo she returned to Kyoto in 1991, where she produced a collection of line drawings incorporating gauche. In 1996 she came to Ireland, began work at Graphic Studio Workshop and participated in the Temple Bar International Print Show. Yoko has decided to stay in Ireland and is now a member of Graphic Studio.

Utställningar i urval

2008 Revelation, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin 2003 The Front Lounge, Dublin
1999 Two Person Show, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin 1998 Maronne Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
1998 Hanga, New Directions in Japanese Printmaking

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